Food!  I don't know about you, but I love food.  Any kind, any where, any time.  I'll even eat a meal right after I ate a meal....I've done it several times.  I was raised in Louisiana where the food is great.  I didn't realize how good til I left and I can't wait to go back and eat some more!  Po'boy anyone? 
      In our house I cook mostly Mexican, Italian, some fried rice variations, and fried food.  Although lately I've been told to back off the fried.  I've also tried my hand at chinese, korean, and traditional American classics.  Ever heard of Cooks Illustrated?  I have not used one recipie that has turned out bad, unless I screwed something up myself.  It is easy to understand and they even break down the science of it.  They are a life saver and the reason why a woman who was never, ever, ever in the kitchen beside to bake cookies until 6 years ago can now throw down some good dishes.  Some are crawfish originals and some, according to one retired-restaurant owner and head chef of Northern California, are good enough to sell in a restaurant.  If you have any authentic recipies from anywhere please share!  I'm very open minded when it comes to food.
      Anyone know any Thai recipies, Thai is my favorite, mmmm.  What about a veal scallopini recipie they can share?  My husband has been dreaming of some for quite some time.  I'll share what I'm allowed.  Some are Great Grandma Italian family secrets, sorry.  Mother-in-laws rules and I'm not about to break those.....for anyone. 
      My first love in the kitchen is baking....the cookies started it.  Then it went on from there.  Unfortunatly, I've been told no baking too.  Probably a good thing, eh?

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